Alexander Zverev Is the Best Option for Tennis Betting

Betting on sports is always interesting and very profitable. Many gamblers give their preference to tennis. After all, this sport is easy to be organized and has a definite list of favorites. One of them is Alexander Zverev. Bets on it bring great winnings for gamblers.

You can join the community of his fans and learn more about the biography and track record of the athlete. This knowledge will take you a step ahead professionally and give you a chance to make trades as early as 2023 tournaments!

Let’s take a look at the athlete’s life together!

Who Is Alexander Zverev

This athlete’s name is heard in recent years. And there are many reasons for that! The man delights fans with his personal life, personal qualities, and sports style. To have a more reasonable chance of winning all the deals related to him, you should understand the biography and the current physical and moral state of the sportsman. Let’s get started!

The Brief Biography

Alexander Zverev is a German tennis player, born at the turn of the millennium in 1997 in Hamburg. He started his professional career relatively early, as early as 2011 when he was only 13 years old. He was 198 centimeters tall and his weight was accordingly 90 kilos.

Besides his target sport, the man is fond of soccer and basketball. He can be seen at games of the German national soccer team.

During his career, the athlete managed to participate in many professional tournaments, including the Olympics. During that time, his prize money totaled $30,321,591, which is a head start over other sportsmen his age! Such an upbeat start was no surprise to analysts and fans.

His father, Alexander Zverev Sr. was also a famous tennis player from the Soviet Union. It is worth noting that his mother and brother also established themselves as great athletes and tied their lives to the sport!

His parents said, that the young sportsman got his first racket when he was five years old, and since that time he had never parted with it. At the same time, the year before the child was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, but training continued and no one was going to stop!

First Steps in Sports

Alexander Zverev’s first appearance was in 2011 in the ITF junior tournaments. At that time the boy was thirteen years old, but he was way ahead of his peers. And in 2012, at his second attempt, he won the championship.

After a series of successful and unsuccessful performances, he reached his triumph in 2014, when he defeated the American Stefan Kozlov in the Australian Open with a smashing score. After that, the sportsman moved on to the adult league.

In just four years, the guy went a long way from rookie to professional. And already in 2015 he was in the top 200 of the world singles ranking, ranked 83rd on the list. The Tennis Association gave him the Rookie of the Year award. As many analysts noted, it was well deserved and predictable.

Dozens of matches in four seasons were played, and most of them ended with a huge victory for Alexander. There were failures, but in the end, all peaks were conquered by an ambitious athlete!

Career Highlights

It would take hours to tell you about every game of Alexander’s career. The team has prepared for you a list of the highlights of the athlete’s career!

Victories at the Masters and fourth place in the world. In just one 2016-2017 season, the athlete showed stunning results and managed to rise to the fourth position in the Association rankings. Along the way, he won the Masters Tournament and qualified for the Final Tournament. He did not manage to get out of the group, but that did not greatly affect his position at the top!

Winning the Final Tournament. 2018-2019 was also remembered by fans as their favorite moment of glory. Alexander was able to beat all of his opponents and win the Ultimate Tournament, becoming the second youngest sportsman to achieve this. But further unsuccessful results drove him down to the seventh position of the Worlds 200, where he remained till the end of the season!

Gold in Tokyo. The year 2021 was the peak of Alexander Zverev’s career. Of the six finals in which he took part, all six were victories. At the same time in the Acapulco tournament, the tennis player did not lose a single set, which is a rarity in professional sports. In the summer of 2021, Zverev participated in the Tokyo Olympics, losing only one set in the semifinals!

Personal Life

The tennis player has an excellent relationship with his family. He participated in tournaments paired with his brother Mikhail, and his father still coaches the sportsman. But Alexander has some problems in his relationships with girls.

He broke up with his ex-girlfriend in October 2020 after a long relationship. The reason was given by the girl herself, accusing the athlete of domestic violence. But he denied all the accusations, calling them far-fetched.

More recently, the athlete also broke up with his second girlfriend Patea. There were even scandalous statements in the network that she is expecting a child from Zverev. But she is not going to pursue him or try to resume the relationship.

Performance 2021-2022

The last few years have been the peak of Alexander’s career. The world rarely sees such a quick rise of young stars. It is even rarer that they reach such heights. But the sportsman has proven his skill and continues to show it.

To be more aware of the current state of affairs, one should take a closer look at the athlete’s performance in the last season. This will help in betting and give clearer information for analysis.

You already know a little bit about 2021, but it is sounder to look closer. At the beginning of the season, Alexander failed to reach the semifinals of the Australian Open, losing to Djokovic. But already in March, as noted, he was leading in the ATP 500 tournament without losing a single game set.

Then the French Open was held, where Alexander managed to reach the semifinals and lost to Tsitsipas in the final. The summer was hotter, and the Tokyo Olympics brought many surprises, which you can read about in the previous section. In the final table, the athlete took the first line, losing only one set.

In the fall the tennis player visited Cincinnati where he defeated Andrei Rublev to win the ATP Masters 1000 tournament. He also played in the US Open where he faced Djokovic again in the semifinals. The match was hard fought and the competitors were neck and neck. But Zverev lost to the world number one and dropped out of the semifinals.

The year 2022 was a logical continuation of his triumphal march. He had won many tournaments before August and at one point was second only to Djokovic. But in the semifinals of the French Open, which brought him up in the rankings, Alexander had a serious leg injury.

Because of this until the end of the summer, the sportsman could not train and continued training only in late August. At the time of this pause, the world also became aware of the diagnosis of Zverev, namely diabetes.

Anyway, at the moment Zverev has fully recovered from the injury and is preparing for new events. Here is the table with the statistics for the last seasons, be sure to read it if you want to make profitable bets!

Year Rating Titles All Matches Hard Ground Grass
2022 2 0 29:10 12:5 17:5
2021 3 5 53:15 35:9 14:4 4:2
2020 7 3 34:11 31:10 3:1


Due to injury, the athlete was forced to miss several major events in the summer of 2022, including not getting to Wimbledon and the US Open. But he is already announcing his participation in the fall tournaments. Gamblers should be prepared and keep their eyes and ears open for the legend returns!

Game style analysis

Alexander Zverev is a very aggressive sportsman who constantly presses his opponents. His strengths are certainly flat backhand, heavy forehand, and groundstrokes. Opponents may find it difficult to withstand such an onslaught and start to lose points. Also, Zverev’s first serve always allows him to score a lot of free points.

But analysts and experienced gamblers see a lot of disadvantages in such a strategy. An aggressive attack works exactly until the first failure. After that, the tennis player himself begins to panic, feels anger, and ceases to control himself.

A vivid example was the last game at the Australian Open, where after a failed serve he shouted at his father, who was also his coach, in public. He lost the set, revealing once again his main problem – excessive emotionality.

But Zverev is not the kind of athlete who is willing to give up when faced with adversity. Gritting his teeth, he broke through to victory and got it as a result. Many analysts are confident that he will soon take over the world’s number one racket, as he already has a total of eight victories over the representatives of the “Big Three”. If you choose Zverev for your betting, it will be a good decision!

How to Bet on Alexander Zverev

Betting on this athlete can bring you a good profit, because his performance is already legendary. To join the number of his fans and earn with him is a great option! But you need to know how to bet wisely.

Here’s a quick guide to help you start making deals sensibly and judiciously:

  • Study the field. There are many nuances to tennis tournaments, each of which affects bettors in a certain way. Learn the rules and keep up with the changes. This will help you adapt to the situation and not be at a disadvantage;
  • Keep an eye on the favorites. Subscribe to your favorite athletes’ social networks and start following their lives. You can learn about many emotional upsets or physical problems in advance of a match. This approach will give you an advantage over other gamblers and help you finish the season more efficiently;
  • Learn about the technical part of the question. If the words odds, money line or total more make you uncomfortable, you should repeat the terminology. It can be difficult to understand all aspects, especially at the beginning of your career. But it’s a necessary step without which it will be problematic to move forward;
  • Listen to smart ideas. The Internet is full of open sources of information where smart people share their predictions and analysis of the latest matches. If you don’t have enough knowledge to do the analysis yourself, try to see how the professionals do it. There is nothing wrong with taking another person’s thoughts and double-checking them and agreeing with them;
  • Choose a bookmaker. A bookmaker is a link between you and betting. Without a personal betting account, it is impossible to make transactions. Choosing a company to work with is an important preparatory stage. There are several features, which help you to choose the best offer. Read on to learn about them!

Where to Place Bets

To choose a good bookmaker you should pay attention to several criteria. The most important one is safety. You trust the company with your money, so you must be sure that it will not disappear and fall prey to a fraudster.

In addition, users pay attention to the usability of the interface, the speed of the application, and the support service. But some people forget that the odds on which the number of earnings of the gambler also differ from company to company!

You can save yourself a lot of time and immediately pay attention to these projects: Parimatch, Excitewin, Betfair, Rabona, Casumo, and others. These companies offer the best conditions for betting on tennis, so be sure to suit you in all aspects. You can sign up now, it takes only minutes!

Let’s Start Your Journey Today!

Betting on sports is a great opportunity that should not be missed! You already have the basic knowledge and understanding of the future.

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