Australian Open 2023 — complete tennis competition review and betting tips

Tennis is a widespread sport around the globe. Today it seems to be one of the most popular disciplines, thus it may be highly lucrative for betting. Even if you think it’s easy just to gamble and get a profit, in reality, to be successful you have to dig into the basics (and some particularities) of the event and puzzle out the main tips on how to proceed.

In the article, we tried to mix up both general info and cool outside recommendations.

What is the Australian Open indeed?

The Australian Open is the first of four Grand Slam tennis tournaments held each year before the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. It is a tennis championship held every year in the last two weeks of January at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia. It features men’s and women’s singles; men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles; youth championships; and wheelchair events.

Called the «Happy Slam» and often referred to as the «Asia-Pacific Grand Slam Tournament», the event is the most popular Grand Slam event, with more than 800 thousand people attending the competition each year.

It was also the first Grand Slam tournament to allow indoor play in humid weather or when it is extremely hot on three main courts: the Rod Laver Arena, John Kane Arena, and the renovated Margaret Court Arena. equipped with a sunroof.

Here such stars as Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, and Roger Federer showed their glory, with Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal being the winners of this version of the tournament.

Historical development

The Australian Open performed its first edition in 1905 at Melbourne’s Albert Ground Stadium, called the Australian Championship, and with exceptional participation by local players, and even then it became one of the most important sporting events in the Southern hemisphere.

The second edition of the event was moved to New Zealand and included players from that country until the tournament was opened to foreign players in 1908, with American Fred Alexander’s victory.

The competition took place in a range of several local cities, returning to New Zealand for a new occasion in 1912. It dates from 1972 when, under the name Australian Open, adopted in 1927, it was permanently set in Melbourne, the city that saw its birth, first at Coyong and from 1988 at the Flinders Park facilities, where Rebound Ace Hard Court was adopted as the surface, replacing the traditional grass that has been played since its origin.

Formats to be held

Prior to 1988 it was played on grass courts, but since then three types of hardcover surfacing have been used: Rebound Ace green until 2007, Plexicushion blue since 2008 (a new playing surface that allows the ball to move more slowly, absorbs less heat and causes less wear and tear on the player) until 2019 and GreenSet Blue from 2020.

Like all other Grand Slam championships, the Australian Open has three main types of competitions:

  • men’s singles;
  • women’s singles;
  • doubles.

The duration of the occasion is two weeks and its main courts are the Rod Laver Arena and the Hisense Arena. Both have retractable roofs that allow the courts to be closed and play to continue in the event of rain or intense heat, as Australia tends to have very extreme temperatures in January due to the heat and humidity.

Round system

The championship is organized as follows:

  • four sessions (1/64, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8);
  • quarter-finals;
  • semifinals;
  • finals.

The men’s singles matches are played in best-of-five sets and best-of-six sets each, at intervals of at least two games. In a six-way tie-break, a «tiebreak» or «sudden death» is played in the first four sets, but in the fifth and final set, victory is achieved by only two games. In a tie-break, the first to score seven points with a difference of at least two points wins.


The top thirty players in last season’s ATP (Association of Professional Tennis Players) rankings must absolutely compete to meet all the requirements. The total number of participants in the singles states is 128 sportsmen, in the doubles states 64 couples, and in the mixed doubles is considered to be 32 couples.

The sportsman can access the event in three ways: directly from the ATP ranking, by prior ranking, or by invitation or «wild card». The best places are the TOP 32 players in the ATP ranking at the time of the competition.

Score system

With the new ATP points system, the winner receives 2,000 points, as on other Grand Slam occasions. It is the highest score a professional-level participant may achieve. Even getting the final points is worth more than winning a Master tournament.

A win in the first session is rewarded with 10 points, and in the next round the score from the previous stage is doubled, so that in the second one 45, in the third 90, in the fourth 180, in the quarterfinals 360 and in the semi-finals 720 are achieved.

The Australian Open 2021-2022 results

Tennis always attracts much attention from sports fans, but the occasion is special with being enormously supported by fans’ love. Since the men’s single seems to be the most spectacular and perfectly suitable for betting, let’s overview the results of the last two tournaments.

The 2021 occasion was set for the 10th of January and lasted until the 21st of February. The leaders were underlined till the beginning, in particular Daniil Medvedev, Novak Djokovic, Stefanos Tsitsipas, and Alexander Zverev. To be more precise, look out the table of results and schedule (not including the first stages):

Date Stage Winner Rival Score
21.02.2021 Final Novak Djokovic Daniil Medvedev 7:5
18.02.2021 Semifinal Daniil Medvedev Stefanos Tsitsipas 6:4
19.02.2021 Semifinal Novak Djokovic Aslan Karatsev 6:3
16.02.2021 Quarter-final Aslan Karatsev Grigor Dimitrov 2:6
16.02.2021 Quarter-final Novak Djokovic Alexander Zverev 6:7
17.02.2021 Quarter-final Daniil Medvedev Andrey Rublev 7:5
17.02.2021 Quarter-final Stefanos Tsitsipas Rafael Nadal 3:6
13.02.2021 ⅛ stage Aslan Karatsev Felix Auger-Aliassime 3:6
14.02.2021 ⅛ stage Grigor Dimitrov Dominic Thiem 6:4
14.02.2021 ⅛ stage Alexander Zverev Dusan Lajovic 6:4
14.02.2021 ⅛ stage Novak Djokovic Milos Raonic 7:6
14.02.2021 ⅛ stage Daniil Medvedev Mackenzie McDonald 6:4
14.02.2021 ⅛ stage Andrey Rublev Casper Ruud 6:2
15.02.2021 ⅛ stage Rafael Nadal Fabio Fognini 6:3
15.02.2021 ⅛ stage Stefanos Tsitsipas Matteo Berrettini walkover


The next Australian Open in tennis was held in January, 2022, where the preliminary phase took place from the 10th to the 14th of the same month. The fight for winning was eye-catching and really interesting to watch.

One of the best performers like Rafael Nadal (who won this edition), Daniil Medvedev, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Jannik Sinner, Matteo Berrettini, and Taylor Fritz took part. Here is a basic table of match results and schedule (not including first stages):

Date Stage Winner Rival Score
30.01.2022 Final Nadal R. Medvedev D. 3:2
28.01.2022 Semifinal Medvedev D. Tsitsipas S. 3:1
28.01.2022 Semifinal Nadal R. Berrettini M. 3:1
26.01.2022 Quarter-final Medvedev D. Auger-Aliassime F. 3:2
26.01.2022 Quarter-final Tsitsipas S. Sinner J. 3:0
25.01.2022 Quarter-final Berrettini M. Monfils G. 3:2
25.01.2022 Quarter-final Nadal R. Shapovalov D. 3:2
24.01.2022 ⅛ division Tsitsipas S. Fritz T. 3:2
24.01.2022 ⅛ division Sinner J. De Minaur A. 3:0
24.01.2022 ⅛ division Medvedev D. Cressy M. 3:1
24.01.2022 ⅛ division Auger-Aliassime F. Cilic M. 3:1
23.01.2022 ⅛ division Berrettini M. Carreno P. 3:0
23.01.2022 ⅛ division Monfils G. Kecmanovic M. 3:0
23.01.2022 ⅛ division Shapovalov D. Zverev A. 3:0
23.01.2022 ⅛ division Nadal R. Mannarino A. 3:0


Schedule for the 2023 season

We already know the dates of the next Australian Open 2023 in tennis: it will start on January 16, 2023 and end on January 29 of the same month.

As always, it will take place on the Melbourne Park sports court. To plan your betting point out this match schedule (without dates for qualifying):

Session Date Stage
1 16.01.2023 1st Round
2 16.01.2023 1st Round
3 17.01.2023 1st Round
4 17.01.2023 1st Round
5 18.01.2023 2nd Round
6 18.01.2023 2nd Round
7 19.01.2023 2nd Round
8 19.01.2023 2nd Round
9 20.01.2023 3rd Round
10 20.01.2023 3rd Round
11 21.01.2023 3rd Round
12 21.01.2023 3rd Round
13 22.01.2023 4th Round
14 22.01.2023 4th Round
15 23.01.2023 4th Round
16 23.01.2023 4th Round
17 24.01.2023 Quarterfinals
18 24.01.2023 Quarterfinals
19 25.01.2023 Quarterfinals
20 25.01.2023 Quarterfinals
21 26.01.2023 Semifinals
22 27.01.2023 Semifinals
23 29.01.2023 Final


So look for the events to be able to decide who is the best candidate to bet on with profit.

TOP tennis players to mention

As we have told above there are many world-known tennis masters who take part in the Australian Open annually. The prominent ones are, of course, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Daniil Medvedev. The guys have become multiple times the winners of prestigious competitions on Earth.

If you want to start betting with a fine outcome (earning extras, for instance) also don’t forget about such performers as Stefanos Tsitsipas, Alexander Zverev, Jannik Sinner, Cameron Norrie, Casper Ruud, Matteo Berrettini, Taylor Fritz, and so on. They are pretty young and actively work out for the experience and new skills, but the results they already show cannot impress.

Why is betting on The Australian Open lucrative?

Today’s tennis betting Nadal has a lot of opportunities that you can’t help but take advantage of. Gamblers can safely bet on the size of a bunch of types of bets, for example:

  • on the overall result;
  • on the individual performance of the athlete;
  • on the duel;
  • handicap betting;
  • on the TOP players of the season;
  • and so on.

In the tennis section of each of the good betting sites, you will definitely find the most famous tournaments, such as The Australian Open.

The advantage of the championship that we reviewed is that all the strongest athletes in the world gather here, so you can watch the best of the best. If you are a tennis fan, then the opportunity not only to watch live streaming but also to get additional profit from it, is perfect.

Of course, to win, you need to study and analyze in detail the rules of the tournament, its features, the characteristics of participants, and understand gambling.

Tips on how to succeed

In order to be successful, you should not only understand the event itself (which we have already described in detail) but also understand where to place bets correctly. Choosing a bookmaker is not an easy task, but it is extremely important.

Therefore, to be on top, carefully review our reviews of the most famous betting sites and be sure to study their official sites, namely the gambling rules, bonus system, deposit and withdrawal conditions, and the tennis section with all offers.

By the way, today the so-called live bets have become extremely profitable. We are talking about the fact that you no longer need to choose a favorite and bet on it in advance, you can absolutely freely make predictions already during the match. Although keep in mind the odds, which can change significantly within the framework of live prediction.

In general, odds play a crucial role in successful betting, so don’t be too lazy to get acquainted in advance with how they work and what odds are offered by different bookmakers.

To sum up: is The Australian Open worth paying attention to?

Of course, yes. The championship is not without reason considered the TOP on the whole planet. The discipline and subgroups in which it is held are complex, so every tennis fan will find something to own liking.

The venue and conditions are comfortable, the rules are clear and fair, so most athletes strive to qualify and take part in competitions.

In addition to prestige, the championship boasts many legends and world tennis stars who take part in it every year, once again proving that gambling at the event is definitely a good idea.