Effective and winning tennis betting requires knowledge of working tips. There has not yet been a person on earth who would not want to earn extra money. You can never have enough money.

So motivation and desire to make them always exist. Many people are accustomed to working hard day in and day out using physical strength. Others have found work to their liking. The gambling world is a separate universe that gives pleasure and money to its inhabitants.

Every day an increasing number of sports fans begin to be interested in the gambling component of the world of sports disciplines. It is not enough just to have a desire. You have to work and study. Beginner bettors face such problems. They most often lie in the fact that gamblers do not have enough reliable information.

It takes a lot of time and effort to find it. All of this could have been avoided. What to do? Just learn to listen to the advice given by sports experts, bookmakers, and reputable publications. Participants in the gambling world have been here for a long time and know all the essential features.

Nothing prevents them from sharing available data. The player only needs to filter the necessary information and skillfully perceive it clearly. Having a basic understanding of the types of bets, bookmaker selection criteria, basic mistakes, and winning strategies, a gambler is doomed to guaranteed success.

Are tennis bets worth special attention from gamblers?

If someone offered you to earn money doing what you love – to enjoy sports matches and make money? You would certainly agree without any hesitation. In the modern world, the gambling world is developing at the speed of sound.

Every day a large number of advertisements and offers from bookmakers and the athletes themselves exist. All advertising ends the same way – successful and rich winners are satisfied with their activities. They have already earned more than the first million and invite you to do the same.

Is everything really so colorful and promising? Perhaps somewhere there is still a serious deception? Potential gamblers often have thoughts of testing this theory and taking risks. The decision is more than correct. Adrenaline and risk is always noble cause. It is worth noting only that thoughtless immersion in a niche is not worth it.

Here, as elsewhere, a sober mind and knowledge of theoretical foundations are needed. If a player is willing to spend a lot of time mastering a new field of activity, this is his choice. We strongly recommend that you use the maximum amount of time in practice. By following the necessary tips, the gambler saves 80% of the time. Most of the time saved can be spent on practicing skills in practice.

An immediate benefit from sports betting

Any investment must generate income. Not only is the income, but the shareholder is also obliged to receive adrenaline and pleasure. All this is possible in the gambling world. To determine exactly whether you need to satisfy the desire to play, let’s look at the key positive:

Advantage Peculiarity
Simplicity in everything
  • No special knowledge;
  • There are no extra movements;
  • Simple rules!
Source of passive income
  • 30-40% of possible income;
  • Proper use of money!
Rapid development
  • Understanding the essence of sports;
  • Expanding horizons;
  • New information!
Ability to analyze
  • Development of critical thinking;
  • Ability to draw conclusions;
  • Situation Analysis!
  • Hormones and pleasure risk;
  • Pleasant sensations!
Easy unpredictability
  • Increased excitement;
  • Winning motivation;
  • Striving toward victory!
Opportunity to hit the jackpot
  • Earning large sums;
  • The presence of the jackpot!
Development of own skills
  • Analytics;
  • Patience;
  • Subsequence;
  • Deliberation!
New connections
  • Getting to know people;
  • Like-minded people;
  • New friends of interest!
Hobby = income
  • Hobby materialization;
  • Double pleasure!


Ten reasons are more than enough to make a firm decision to satisfy desire. It is important not to forget about the need to have theoretical information.

What amounts of earnings can be seen on the account

No one promises 1000% earnings conducting the first perfect bet. In this niche, the gradual nature of the actions is very important. The initial activity is estimated on average up to 10% per year. As the gambler gains experience in the relevant business, the percentage of earnings increases to 25%.

Experienced players with more than 10 years of experience receive up to 40%. It is important to understand that all numbers are quite subjective. Everyone follows their own line of development. Sometimes it turns out to break the jackpot in the very first prediction in life.

It is also worth remembering – if you play correctly and without risk, you can not expect big earnings. A small amount a couple of times a day will not bring the desired winnings. The risk justifies the jackpot. But you can also go negative.

A profitable investment in predictions requires careful but risky activities. Gambling is a free hobby. You should not translate it into the category of a full-fledged stable income, since the player is unlikely to wait for stability. But if you take into account all the necessary rules and insider secrets – there are great chances to get rich with pleasure.

Features of the implementation of predictions

Winning bets require careful analysis. In case of beginners, it is often not very clear what factors to take into account. There are many important issues in tennis.

Peculiarity Meaning
Physical/psychological form 
  • View recent matches;
  • Determination of the current state;
  • Accounting for the prescription of matches!
Prematch analysis
  • Competent approach;
  • Sober choice;
  • Analysis in advance!
  • Percentages;
  • Action statistics;
  • Ability Assessment!
Face-to-face confrontation
  • Attention to the opponent;
  • Playing style;
  • Core characteristics of athletes!
Courte coverage
  • Type = ball bounce speed;
  • Surface – soil, grass, hard surface, carpet!
  • Success on the court = points in the table;
  • Moving up in the ranking;
  • Level Up in Tournaments!
  • Support Group;
  • Receipt of winnings;
  • Rating promotion;
  • International recognition!


At first glance, there is nothing difficult in sports predictions. But, on the other hand, it is necessary to take into account even the smallest features. Any factor can positively or negatively influence the outcome.

Top events in the niche of sports discipline

If the sports discipline itself began to develop a very long time ago, official tournaments and championships originate from the end of the 19th century. The significant date was 1875. Then for the first time, the event brought together 22 sportsmen participants, and more than 10 thousand spectators.

It took only 20 years for the game to be included in the Olympic program by the Olympic Committee. Today in the world there are many different competitions, tournaments, and championships. You can find the right event for every taste and color. The biggest tournaments definitely deserve attention.



Oldest contest; London, UK; Grass outdoors; Prize - 40 million pounds!

Dubai Championship

Dubai, UAE; Hard outdoors; Prize - $3 million!

US Open

New York, US; Hard, clay, grass - outdoors; Prize - $60 million!

Australian Open

Melbourne, Australia; Hard, grass - outdoors; Prize - A$75 million

French Open

Paris, France; Clay, sand - outdoors; Prize - 42,5 million euros!

BNP Baribas Open

Indian Wells, California, US; Hard - outdoors; Prize - $9 million!

ATP Finals

Turin, Italy; Hard - indoor; Prize - $7,5 million!

Laver Cup

European region, world region rotation; Hard - indoor; Prize - 2,5 million euros!

Indian Championship

Various, India; Clay, grass, hard!

IPTL (International Premier League)

Asia continent - Japan, India, Singapore, Phillippines, UAE; Sponsored by the Coca-Cola company!

Naturally, these are not all existing competitions. There are more than a thousand of them if we consider the professional and amateur segments. We have considered the most famous ones because they give gamblers a chance to get big wins.

How to win effectively on tennis betting

You can’t work with what you don’t know. This refers to the strict need to know all the varieties of possible predictions. It is logical that it is necessary to carry out predictions only knowing their features and basic essence.

In the modern gambling world, there are many varieties of predictions. All of them are good and working. It is important to be able to assess the situation on the site in order to choose the appropriate type for a particular event. Let’s take a closer look at the common varieties.

Widely used types of predictions

Tennis can be considered the second most popular on the planet. It is slightly inferior to football in terms of betting volumes. But it is in no way inferior in terms of the number of offers for gamblers.

Bookmakers offer many options, provided to every player. The discipline is presented in various formats – men’s, women’s, mixed, singles and doubles. In fact, the types of bets are the same everywhere.

  • Overall outcome
    The most favorite variation of gamblers. Win 1 or win 2 – means choosing one of the opponents as your favorite. The coefficients in this section are not very high. But you can earn consistently.
  • Totals
    There are a lot of totals here – by games, by sets, individual, and statistical. If everything is clear with games and sets – the total number of points scored during a specific period, then the individual total means the points of a particular athlete. Statistical total is classified as predictions concerning aces or double faults.
  • Handicap
    The handicap is similar to the previous market. Handicap is also available for games, sets, and statistics. The essence of handicap is the perceived advantage of one athlete over another. The favorite has a plus handicap, the outsider has a minus handicap. The handicap in the game at bookmakers is available at 1.5 games.
  • Accurate score
    Few people use the accurate counting market. The market is quite risky and dangerous. This is because guessing the exact score of the entire match is always a very difficult task. Big bookmakers naturally offer accurate score predictions – odds are above average. The result justifies the means. There is a huge opportunity to hit the jackpot.
  • Tie-break
    A tie-break is the probability of a score of 7:6 in favor of one of the athletes. Professional bettors love this market very much. Beginners will find it difficult. Time break requires experience and knowledge. Professional gamblers constantly keep their finger on the pulse of events – they study statistics, the style of athletes, and monitor rating lists. Thus, it is quite likely to make an accurate prediction and the winnings are guaranteed.
  • Sets
    We have already touched on the set market. Predictions exist for the outcome of the set, total, and exact set score. Small predictions are also available.
  • Combined market
    Combination of several markets. They must play at the same time. For example, two bets win 1 – the favorite wins both the set and the match as a whole. Either victory 1 and handicap total – the triumph of the favorite and the total points scored as opposed to the opponent.
  • Statistics
    Predicting a certain indicator is very difficult. Sometimes even more difficult than predicting the score. The percentage of hitting the first action or breakpoints is almost impossible to predict. But the coefficients in such a market attract with their size.
  • Long-term perspective
    Bets on international tournaments and championships are included in this market. They mean long-term High rates and margins are always available at most bookmakers.

Critical Importance of Odds

Odds is a conditional numerical indicator that demonstrates the likelihood of a particular event occurring. They are not difficult to calculate.

Experts in bookmakers are just engaged in assessing the likelihood of outcomes. These rates are then offered to clients. Gamblers, in turn, make predictions based on the odds. High performance attracts the attention of players always.

Not everyone thinks about the high risks that appear due to possible high earnings. Small odds become uninteresting in the process of producing adrenaline. It is important to find a middle ground and learn not to give in to emotions. In the gambling market, a sober and cold mind is vital.




Wager type Average odds amount
Outcome 3,5 – 6%
Totals 4 – 5,5%
Handicap 4,5 – 6,6%
Live 5,5 – 10%
Stats 7,5 – 10% 
Long term events 5 – 6%

Coefficients need to be able to analyze. Bookmakers, especially Parimatch, Excitewin, Betfair, Rabona, and Casumo, do not always draw the right conclusions. Understanding the essence will help gamblers find the mistakes of companies and win from them.

Top-rated betting strategies

There are no win-win strategies. It’s worth remembering. This statement does not mean that strategies should not be used. It means that you should not rely all your luck on tactics alone. Tactics are developed in order to help the gambler act correctly.

There are many different strategies in tennis. Experts have been developing them for a very long time. Also, the tactics were developed on the own mistakes of the first players. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with well-known tactics and study their features.

  • Breaks;
  • Handicap strategy;
  • Underdog tactics;
  • Dallas strategy;
  • Shchukin’s tactics;
  • Player form!

Each tactic has important internal features.


A breakpoint is when an athlete has 1 point left to win the game. If an athlete wins at a breakpoint, this situation is called a break. That is, you win on someone else’s action.
A clear favorite can take quite high quotes. Break odds are at least 3.0. Breaks happen quite often, and the strategy is considered slick.


The tactics of playing on an outsider brings great profits, who understand the basic subtleties. Small tournaments are important here. Ideal will be the competition before the big championships or immediately after them. In the first case, the favorites save energy for big competitions, in the second – they are already tired.

For this tactic, the player chooses matches with sites of any coverage, only non-core for the favorite. Evaluate the motivation of the favorites – if someone reached the final last season, he will try to defend the points. Acclimatization plays an important role – any outsider who has rested more than his opponent already has a great chance of winning.


The essence of the tactic is betting on the total less. It is necessary to catch bets on the total live. Especially less than 1 point. The player must be able to analyze the course of the game. The right choice of team and the timing of the bet are key factors.


Tactics is based on identifying matches with at least one break from the favorite. Break coefficients – from 3.0. In a set, a break of the favorite happens – Shchukin’s strategy works.
Athlete’s condition

Physical condition is based on past statistics. The player reviews the archive of events and analyzes the tournament tables. The essence of tactics is the independent construction of graphs of the current forms of athletes.

Handicap Tactics

The most popular strategy in tennis is a given tactic. They are both a plus and a minus. The plus factor is the difference between the games of the winner and the loser. The countdown is from the position of the outsider. Bookmakers offer a great outcome – we bet on a plus one.

A negative handicap is the reverse side of a positive one. The countdown is from the position of the leader. The player considers the odds for a clear victory to be low – he plays for a minus one. When choosing which athlete to play with, it is necessary to take into account the form of the athlete, his place in the rating table, and the assessments of experts.

The handicap betting strategy recommends not taking large negative ones. The choice in favor of an outsider is popular – a handicap in sets and in games.

Playing tactics Success rate
Breaks 71%
Handicap  86,5%
Underdog  69%
Dallas  67%
Shchukin 70%
Player condition 63%


Adhering to the basic rules of tactics will definitely bring the desired result to the gambler.

Where to bet on tennis profitably

It is impossible to imagine the betting market without betting companies in the modern world. Athletes themselves form a whole niche, and bookmakers complement them. Betting without companies would be uninteresting and dry.

It was the bookmakers that united millions of fans around them. The era of development of technological progress has also affected the sphere of companies. If earlier it was necessary to independently come to physical offices and solve cases there.

Now everything can be done with a few clicks on the sites. Moreover, the developers do their best to ensure the comfort and convenience of bookmakers’ customers. Recently, the trend of mobile application development has started to grow. Applications are developed taking into account the support of common operating systems iOS and Android.

Tips to choose a reliable bookmaker

There is a set of vital factors that should not be overlooked when choosing a bookmaker:

  • Localization
    Preference is given to local companies. Linguistic convenience.
  • License
    Availability of extensive documentation. Possession of international licenses. official activity. Stay away from scammers.
  • Contact details
    Communication with customer support. Company data.
  • Money aspect
    Attention to financial matters. Fast withdrawal of funds. Instant replenishment of the account.
  • Tools
    Correct operation of the site and mobile applications. Wide range of function options. Attention to design and interface.
  • Attention to comfort
    High-quality platforms. Customer support 24/7.
  • Age
    Old company = enough experience and much knowledge.
  • Reviews
    Positive customer feedback. Help from experienced gamblers.

The bookmaker’s line of offers should be comprehensive and detailed. The need for a large number of sporting events. An indisputable advantage will be the presence of live broadcasts both on official websites and mobile applications.

The development of the live market gives the company comparative advantage over its competitors. Attractive odds increase demand from gamblers. One of the most important factors is loyalty programs. Many beginners pay attention to bonuses and promotions from partners. The first deposit bonus is the most common one.

Technical support from the office managers should be at the highest level. Summing up, the player must take into account all the important factors. Further sports activities depend on it.

Bookmakers and what they have to offer



24/7 client support;
Great possibility of event broadcasting;
First deposit bonus and odds increase!



Convenient versions of the website and mobile application;
Legal license possession;
Welcome bonus – up to 300%!



High withdrawal speed;
Attractive bonus offers;
Qualitative software!



iOS/Android compatible apps;
Great return to players;
Free welcome bonus programs!



Variable payment options;
24/7 client support;
Mobile friendly official site with a welcome bonus!


The player chooses a company with the most comfortable working conditions. Most often, the decisive factor is the license and promotional offers.

Top common mistakes from beginners in the gambling world

Newcomers to this market simply cannot know all the pitfalls. Because of it, most mistakes are made.

Today we will introduce you to important errors that are simply unacceptable to make:

  • Rating reassessment;
  • Re-bet on the favorite;
  • Negative Handicap;
  • Bet on the athlete, defending his title!

Re-evaluation of the rankings – experts are of the opinion that the top 20 and top 10 do not always mean a clear victory in sporting events. A high rating does not guarantee great power. For example, once an athlete who was not in the top 100 made it to the playoffs.

Re-bidding on the winner is not welcome. You can not think that if a player won last season, he will definitely repeat the triumph this season. Often, such bets end badly. It is because every competition is special and unique. Starting from the surface of the court and ending with the mood of the athletes. It’s always difficult to predict.

We analyzed the negative handicap a little higher. Perhaps now there are questions about why a negative one is a mistake. Simply because often the favorite can not immediately give a good performance. It is worth remembering when using special tactics.

The athlete, who showed good results last season, will defend his title in the current one. But the situation is similar to the previous mistake. There is no guarantee of a repeat triumph. Sometimes, on the contrary, triumph is impossible due to limited opportunities. When choosing odds, pay attention to the title defense.

We hope that by sorting out the common mistakes, the players will be able to avoid them. As the saying goes, you learn from the mistakes of others. It is not as effective as on your own, but less painful.

Final verdict – Tennis betting is commendable

As you already understood, in the world of sports there are a huge number of various subtleties and features. The desire to play and win is vital. But more importantly, it is a sober assessment of the current situation in this market.

Taking into account all the factors of influence will definitely help the gambler to make triumphant actions in his favor. It actually means high profits. Don’t put off possible success. It’s time to act.