French Open 2023 Betting Tips

Even people far from sports betting are probably familiar with the name Roland Garros. This is the alternative nickname of one of the world’s most popular contests, which is hosted in France. Usually this championship takes place for two weeks at the end of spring at the beginning of summer on the basis of the Roland Garros sport complex, which gave the unofficial name to the whole contest.

This championship has given the world many superstars and is the top event in the world. The French Open is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments, which means that victory in this competition leads to a struggle for the World Champions title.

Needless to say, tennis has always been and will be one of the most expensive sports. In this regard, betting on tennis, and in particular on the French Open, has always brought solid dividends to betting enthusiasts.

In order to make a successful prediction at the French Open, you need to take into account a huge number of factors, which are sometimes difficult to track. It is important to know the performance of the players, the schedule of matches, the winners of past tournaments, and so on.

That is why we have prepared a detailed overview of the championship, which will help you make profitable successful bets on the upcoming 2023 season.

What is the French Open?

The French Open is one of the most prestigious competitions, which is one of the four Grand Slams and is held annually at the turn of spring and summer in the capital of the country.

Tennis fans are accustomed to calling the event Roland Garros, after the name of the complex where the competition is usually held. All major bookmakers, TV companies and journalists carefully follow each tournament, as the tournament is a key one and largely determines the trends of world tennis for the next season.

The tournament was founded by the local Federation of Tennis in 1891 and took place for one day. Initially, the tournament was supposed to be a purely French event, so athletes from abroad were not invited.

Remarkably, the first champion was the Englishman H. Briggs, who was able to take part in the French Open, as he was a member of one of the French clubs.

It was the French Open contest that became one of the first in the history of sports that allowed women to participate in the competition. The first women’s contest took place in 1897.

This caused an unprecedented interest among Parisians, who began to engage in a popular new type of activity. Athlete Adin Masson became the first champion. For a long time the contest was an internal event in France. This continued until 1925.

In 1925, it was decided to give the event an international status, which made it possible to attract foreign athletes to participate, and therefore more spectators. Huge popularity fell on the event, which significantly increased the class of the competition to a very prestigious international event.

The school of local tennis developed rapidly and in 1927 the four Frenchmen Henri Cochet, Jacques Brugnon, Rene Lacoste and Jean Borotre won a landslide victory in the Davis Cup, which was held in the United States.

According to the rules of the championship, next year’s season was to be held on the territory of the winners, but in France there was no suitable arena that could accommodate all the spectators and at the same time meet all european norms and standards.

In this regard, it was decided to build a new modern arena, Roland Garros. Prior to this, all championships were held on the courts of the Stade France, the surface of which was made of turf.

It was decided to equip stadiums of the new format with a reliable ground surface of a special type, which provided optimal grip on the ground and the degree of glide and rebound of the ball.

The first central building was completed already in 1928 and could accommodate about 15 thousand spectators at a time, which is a very impressive indicator for that time.

At the moment, the Roland Garros arena is a whole network of courts of various sizes. The smallest stadium can accommodate 3,800 spectators, while the largest is still the central building with a capacity of more than 15,000 people at a time.

The entire arena is equipped with the latest technology, which allows both comfortable watching the match from the stands and high-quality broadcasting online and on television. The approach allows bettors to make real-time predictions thanks to LIVE betting.

2022 Season Results

In order to find out which predictions will be successful next year, you need to analyze the last season and find out which players have achieved the most outstanding success and what influenced their performance. Let’s find out more about the 2022 season, which took place from May 16th to June 5th in Paris.

The Roland Garros tournament is famous for its star players. Its most titled participant at the moment is Rafael Nadal, who has 13 victories in the cup under his belt. His skill, coupled with constant development and the will to win, helped him win a landslide this year.

Although some analysts notice that another talented player Novak Djokovic from Serbia, who also has a triumphant past behind him, was in strong competition with the titled athlete. In general, the season, as always, turned out to be hot and spectacular.

The season finale took place between Raphael Nadal and Norwegian player Kasper Ruda. The advantage was on the side of the champion throughout all three sets. The first set and the second went at the same pace and ended with a score of 6:3. The last third set ended with a score of 6:0, allowing Rafael to win a well-deserved victory.

This is what the overall performance of the contestants in the overall standings of the season looks like.

Place  Name 
1 Rafael Nadal
2 Casper Ruud
3 Alexander Zverev
4 Marin Čilić
5 Novak Djokovic
6 Carlos Alcaraz
7 Andrey Rublev
8 Holger Rune
9 D.Schwartzman
10 F. Auger-Aliassime


This was Nadal’s 14th Roland Garros victory and 23rd Grand Slam victory in singles, which is an absolute world record.

A huge number of bets were made online, which brought solid dividends to fans of online betting.

The total prize fund of the championship amounted to 43 million 600 thousand euros. The winner received 2 million 200 thousand euros.

French Open Schedule 2023

Next year’s season promises to be even more exciting and spectacular. The growing confrontation between venerable athletes is moving into the terminal phase. Rafael Nadal has been an undefeated champion for too long and it seems that young and promising athletes are ready to compete with him.

Recall that the current champion of Roland Garros is currently 36 years old, which does not prevent him from easily beating young athletes.

It is known that the competition will be held from May 22 to June 11, 2023. During this time there will be qualifying men and women matches. Bookmakers accept bets on any match, so you can equally well make predictions on both key matches of the format and qualifiers among the women’s league.

Here is the schedule of the main key matches of the next season.

Date Event
29 May  Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles 1st Round
30 May  Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles 2nd Round
31 May Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles 3rd Round
1 June Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles 4th Round
2 June  3rd Round – Opening
3 June 3rd Round – Closing
4 June 4th Round – Opening
5 June 4th Round – Closing
6 June Quarter Finals – Opening
7 June Quarter Finals – Closing
8 June Semi Finals
9 June Men’s Semi Finals
10 June Ladies’ Singles Final, Gentlemen’s Doubles Final
11 June  Men’s Singles Final


Carefully study the schedule before placing bets online, because you need to take into account not only the physical and moral condition of the participants, but also the impact of previous games, as well as their upcoming championships excitement.

Please be aware that the schedule is subject to change depending on the weather, player injuries or the organizers’ decisions. Check the current schedule every day on the event site or on the site of the bookmaker that allows you to bet online.

Top 3 Tennis Players in the Season

For each successful prediction, you need to know the performance of the contestants and their strengths. In tennis, due to strict regulations and high requirements, a clear three leaders have formed who will fight for the championship next year. Let’s find out the basic information about each of them.

Rafael Nadal

The famous Spanish player, who for a long time was the first racket of the world. At the moment, at the age of 36, he has won 24 Grand Slam tournaments, which is an absolute record.
Known for his explosive power, great reflexes, and high morale.

The athlete is ideal for betting on the best performance of the season and constantly sets new success records. Despite the fact that his rating has dropped to the 3rd line, bets on Rafael will always be profitable.


Novak Djokovic

Another legendary player. Also the former best racket in the world. Originally from Serbia. Close to Nadal’s record and has a record of 21 Grand Slam finals won. At the moment, he ranks second in the ranking of tennis players and is considered as one of the likely contenders for the championship.

Also known as the owner of the largest fees. Ranks first in prize money received. According to analysts, Novak earned about 160 million US dollars.


Roger Federer

Another legendary player. Originally from Sweden. The oldest of the three. At the moment he is 41 years old, but still shows excellent results.

The total prize pool is over $100 million. Despite his age, he tops the list of the most successful tennis players.

Bets on Roger are very reliable and have high odds on many betting platforms.


Why is it Profitable to Bet on Roland Garros?

At the moment, thanks to the availability of convenient and transparent online platforms, there is a unique opportunity not only to enjoy a spectacular game from the best tennis players, but also to make successful predictions in LIVE mode.

Tennis has always been an extremely high-paying game, which also affected the bets on the sport. Some even the smallest predictions can ultimately bring tangible dividends to their owners, thanks to very favorable odds.

In addition, at the moment there is a struggle between venerable famous athletes, the data of which are well known and amenable to careful analysis.

All you need is to find the right bookmaker to bet on the French Open 2023 online!

Almost all betting platforms provide the opportunity to bet on the event, as it is one of the most prestigious in the world. This gives you a choice. However, careful attention must be paid to the selection of suitable conditions and verification of the broker’s license.

Remember that having a reliable license will help provide you with convenient, and most importantly, safe betting!

How to Bet on the French Open?

We decided to create a clear guide for you and describe the sequence of actions that will help you realize your full potential in betting on the famous tournament.
All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Find a reliable bookmaker and register;
  2. Choose the best of the three TOP tennis players from our list;
  3. Check out the game schedule and find out when the selected tennis player will enter the court;
  4. Choose a bet with the best odds and make a prediction;
  5. Wait the start of the tournament;
  6. Get your winnings!

Everything is so simple! You do not need to spend hours on analytics, because tennis is currently not as competitive as in other sports, which allows you to make successful predictions with the greatest profit almost instantly!

Make Your Tennis Prediction and Win!

The field of betting on such tournaments is now more developed than ever and promises great benefits.

As you can see, the lack of diversity among the top athletes plays into the hands of betting fans.

All it takes is to find a reliable bookmaker and place your lucky bet on the prestigious and world famous Roland Garros.