BNP Paribas Open Is the Best Option for Tennis Betting

Betting on the BNP Paribas Open is a unique opportunity to make money from your hobby. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are gambling and building their dream life without investing much time or cash. You can achieve the same result! You don’t need to study at a university or buy expensive equipment!

Tennis is ideal for gambling. A large audience and a lot of interesting tournaments create perfect conditions for making money. BNP Paribas Open is the best event in the sport for betting. TeleScoop.TV will help you by providing live streaming in India. Let’s find out more together!

What Is BNP Paribas Open?

This tournament is held annually in the city of Indian Wells in the United States. The professional championship is played on hard courts on local tracks. In 2009, the French banking corporation BNP Paribas began sponsoring the event, after which it became a big scale and became a leader in the top in popularity.

The prize pool for the men’s portion of the championship is $9.6 million, and $8.4 million for the women’s portion. The figure is weighty in the world of modern tennis. The tournament grid is designed for 96 singles participants and 32 pairs of athletes in both leagues.

Gamblers appreciate the event because you can get good prize money on it. Bookmakers understand the importance of the tournament and add as many different types of deals as possible to their sites. Popularity, together with increased odds and a big limit, gives a chance that should not be missed!

Brief History

The first season was held in 1974 in Arizona. Initially, only men competed, but it was only in 1989 that women were allowed to compete. The BNP Paribas Open is a relatively recent addition to the athletes’ lives and has already changed six courts across America.

At the turn of the millennium, the U.S. Tennis Association spent a significant amount of money to design and build a separate venue, the Indian Wells Tennis Garden complex.

Gradually, the sport’s big stars became involved in the competition, and the fan base grew along with them. This led to the current state of affairs in which the championship is one of the most prestigious professional series. The men’s grid is part of the Masters Series, and the women’s grid is part of the WTA Premier Mandatory!

In 2020, the nature of the event changed. After the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the event was canceled completely. The following season, spectators were allowed into the stands but subject to all necessary restrictions.

Main Features

In its essence, this tournament is not much different from other majors. A couple of weeks before the event, there are qualifying games, the winners of which get into the grid of participants. A total of 96 male and female athletes qualify, as well as 32 pairs.

The home stadium is the second largest in the country and seats over 16,000 spectators. Gamblers love the spring because it is not too difficult to earn money at the tournament. The names of the participants are known in advance, which makes it possible to analyze and choose favorites.

All of the world’s sports media also reviews every step and gives their thoughts and analysis, predicting future champions!

Last Tournament’s Results

The last season of 2022 brought several surprises and changed the balance of power among the top tennis players of our time. Cameron Norrie, the reigning singles champion, was considered the favorite and had every chance to repeat his success. But he lost in the quarterfinals to Carlos Alcaraz.

Many gamblers saw the factors pointing to such an outcome and managed to fill their bank account at enormous odds!

Taylor Fritz, who is ranked number 12 in the top ten, defeated Rafael Nadal and won the title. Ironically, he became the first American to win a tournament in the U.S. since 2001. In doing so, he repeated the success of Andre Agassi. Analysts predict an excellent performance in 2023 and recommend paying attention to the athlete!

Luck also changed for the former reigning women’s singles champion. Paula Badoza had a great chance of success but lost to Maria Saccari in the semifinals. But she also lost to Iga Sviontek in the final. Thanks to this, Iga jumped up to first place in the ranking and became the first Polish athlete to win the tournament.

The TeleScoop.TV team prepared for users a general table of results of the last season. If you want to make smart deals, pay attention to it!

League Winners Record Prize
Men’s singles Taylor Fritz 6-3 $1,231,245
Women’s singles Iga Świątek  6-4 $1,231,245
Men’s doubles John Isner & Jack Sock 7-6 $426,010
Women’s doubles Xu Yifan & Yang Zhaoxuan 7-5 $426,010


The favorites and former champions lost in all categories and gave way to the dark horses. Polish and Chinese athletes entered the world stage, which came as a surprise to most analysts. Maybe next year the fans will see even more exciting things. Don’t miss this opportunity!

For the 2023 season, the event will take place in March, but there is no clear timetable yet. Closer to the announced date, there will be qualifying matches, after which you will be able to make an intelligent analysis and first conclusions. In the meantime, you have time to look through the profiles of former participants and find your favorites!

Top 2022 Season Players

Analyzing players is a significant component of every successful tennis bet. If you want to be successful, you must pay daily attention to watching news and analysis from professionals. Athletes’ biographies and physical condition play an essential role in the chances of winning, so be sure to pay attention.

The best athletes in the world, including those from the top 100 in the world, have taken part in the 2022 tournament. Here is just a small list!

  1. Daniil Medvedev;
  2. Alexander Zverev;
  3. Rafael Nadal;
  4. Stefanos Tsitsipas;
  5. Novak Djokovic;
  6. Jannik Sinner;
  7. Cameron Norrie;
  8. Casper Ruud;
  9. Matteo Berrettini;
  10.  Taylor Fritz!

The life of athletes is of great interest to gamblers, so pay special attention to news about them!

Why Is BNP Paribas Open Wagering Profitable?

Betting on tennis brings a lot of money to knowledgeable people. This tournament is among the top most popular and has a large fan base. Bookmakers rush to add money lines to their websites every 12 months so that every customer has time to make a deal.

There are dozens of other types of bets besides regular win bets. Gamblers choose the ones that appeal to them more and use them. Most companies offer great odds and increase the transaction limits. This combination makes it easy to get cash!

Emotions also play a big role. Gambling is not only money but also a charge of positivity and adrenaline, which gives emotions for the day. And a good deal increases the effect several times over.
Until the next start, you have almost six months. During that time, you will become a full-fledged member of the community and gain the necessary experience and knowledge.

Use this opportunity wisely and join the business!


Useful Wagering Tips

Training is an important stage in becoming a qualified professional. Before going to work in an office, people are trained and learn a specialty. Gambling is not much different. To improve your win rate, you need to qualitatively change your habits and gain new knowledge.

The team has prepared a step-by-step guide for users on how to approach the gambling process intelligently. Let’s get started!

  • Know who your opponent is. You are not competing with bookmakers or other players. Your opponent is emotional. They cloud the mind and don’t let you think soberly and analyze the situation. Practice shows that most stupid and unsuccessful transactions are made precisely because of unnecessary emotions. So calm yourself with negative thoughts such as envy, fear, and anger. You will not change the world and people, but you can benefit and its features!
  • Money loves an account. Financial literacy is a sore subject for most adults in the world. Interestingly, a huge percentage of outwardly successful people don’t even know how much they make. Try to be better than them and acquire the important skill of financial literacy. Count money, know and understand it. It will have an amazing effect on your transactions and on life in general!
  • Research the field. Are you confident in your knowledge of the rules of tennis? Do you understand what happens in court? If not, you should change a lot of things. Take the time to learn the rules of the game and the specifics of each event. The knowledge will help you be more flexible in dangerous situations and understand how to act at a given moment!
  • Follow the news. Just like investments, gambling depends a lot on news. There are several hundred large and popular resources on the Internet. Their creators release daily news and analysis on the current situation. Listening to the thoughts of professionals on a daily basis helps you make more thoughtful and meaningful trades. Listening to different opinions makes you savvier!

  • Only quality bookmakers. A bookmaker is a company that provides access to gambling services to its customers. They trust the firm with funds and personal information. Therefore, security and a pleasant attitude toward users is an important factors when choosing a company. Make sure you make the right choice because the safety of your money depends on it!
  • Choose a strategy. To avoid unnecessary emotions and loss of money you should develop a set of rules. Following them in an emergency helps to do everything right. A whole list of interesting strategies is freely available, telling you what bets are better and what to pay attention to when analyzing. There are also strategies for account management. Proper allocation of funds will help you stay afloat longer and not lose your deposit in one stupid deal. Subsequently, people create personalized strategies suited to their mentality, but to start with, you can use ready-made options!
  • Regularity is the key to success. Daily work and adding to your knowledge base will make an expert out of you. If you visit the bookmaker’s site once a week, you won’t get many results. Try to find at least an hour a day to constantly evolve!

Done! If you have reached the end of the list, you already have the necessary plan to start your career. Don’t hesitate, because there’s not much time left until the next tournament!

Let’s Start Your Journey!

The BNP Paribas Open is an exclusive, once-a-year sporting event. You can become part of a community that makes good money by betting on tennis during the championship. Pick your favorites and start on your way.

Remember that gambling is a full-time job that requires time and effort from players. But it is still times more profitable and easier than office work on the computer. Do not waste your time and become a professional today! Good luck and good odds!

Betting on this championship is considered one of the most profitable in the whole season.

Bookmakers often raise the transaction limits, and the excitement creates good odds that make good money. You can see it for yourself!

In the tournament, there are four separate categories for men and women. The winner in the men’s category was Taylor Fritz and in the women’s category Iga Świątek.

They were not the favorites but managed to defeat other top players. Gamblers made good money on the big odds, you can join them!