Casper Ruud - top athlete for tennis betting

If you ask the average sports fan which type is considered the most popular, the absolute majority will unanimously answer: Football. However, the army of fans of other sports numbers tens, sometimes even hundreds of millions of people.

And first of all, it is worth mentioning big tennis, which is often in the first row in terms of earnings. Huge prizes, multi-million advertising contracts — this is an elite sport. Where there is money, there are bets, so cappers often pay attention to such matches.

Who is Casper Ruud?

Casper Ruud is a Norwegian professional tennis player. His career even-par rating is 174, reached on February 22, 2021.

He is the finalist of two Grand Slam tournaments in singles (French Open 2022 and US Open 2022); winner of nine ATP tournaments in singles; the only Norwegian to win the ATP in singles and the holder of a record ranking among Norwegian players; and the former first racket of the world in the junior rankings. He has a net worth of $5 million!


Casper Ruud was born on December 22, 1998, in Oslo, Norway. His age is 23 currently, and his height in feet is 1.83 m. He is the son of Christian Ruud, a former player ranked 39th in the world in 1995. He is now his coach.

After practicing football, golf, and hockey, he decided to focus on tennis at the age of 11.

Career path

Casper has been training at the Rafa Nadal Academy in Mallorca since the summer of 2018.

He has been part of the Norwegian Davis Cup team since 2015.

Top achievements

He is the first Norwegian to win an ATP title and reach the semi-finals of an ATP Tour Masters 1000.

Casper is known as the best Norwegian player in ATP history (even surpassing his father), with the highest singles ranking of No. 6, which he reached in June 2022.

Personal life

Since 2018, Casper’s girlfriend is Maria Galligani. The couple likes to hide the details of their personal life.

His childhood idol is Rafael Nadal. His favorite surface is soil. His favorite shot is on the right. His favorite tournament is in Monte Carlo. He trains at the Rafa Nadal Academy in Mallorca.
Kasper admitted that he loves golf as much as tennis, moreover, he maintains a separate Instagram account dedicated to this game.

Performance 2021-2022

The 2021-2022 season wasn’t as outstanding for Casper Ruud as the previous ones. In May, he won the ATP 250 tournament on clay in Geneva, beating Denis Shapovalov in the final.
In July, he won three ATP 250 contests on clay in Båstad, Gstaad, and Kitzbühel in three weeks, with all his opponents ranking below 40th.

In early October, he won the ATP 250 tournament hard in San Diego, defeating Cameron Norrie (6-0 6-2) in the final.

He made his debut at the ATP Finals where he reached the semi-finals. At this stage, he lost to Daniil Medvedev (4-6 2-6).

The athlete finished the year in eighth place in the rankings.

Year Single Ranking Pairs rating
2021 8 180
2020 27 188
2019 54 226
2018 112 356
2017 139 1185
2016 225 935
2015 1138


Performance 2022-2023

There are a lot of interesting events in the world of tennis in 2022. Although the year is not over yet, Casper Ruud has many tournaments to his credit: the Grand Slam finals in France and the USA, the second place in the ranking.

In mid-February, he won the ATP 250 on clay in Buenos Aires, beating Argentinean Diego Schwartzman in the final (5-7 6-2 6-3). In May, he won the ATP 250 tournament on clay in Geneva for the second year in a row, beating Portugal’s João Souza in a hard-fought final match in a third-set tie-break.

He was seeded eighth at the French Open and reached the final of a Grand Slam for the first time in his career. The most difficult match on the way to the final was the meeting of the third round against the Italian Lorenzo Sonego, which Ruud won in five sets. In the decisive match, he failed to impose a fight on Rafael Nadal. June 13 for the first time rose to fifth place in the rankings.

At Wimbledon, he lost in the second round to the Frenchman Yugo Amber in 4 sets (6-3 2-6 5-7 4-6). In July, an athlete won the ATP 250 tournament on clay in Gstaad, defeating Matteo Berrettini in three sets in the final.

At the US Open, he was seeded under the fifth number and reached the quarterfinals of this Grand Slam tournament for the first time. In the third round, Ruud had to play five sets with Tommy Paul. During the tournament, the player noted that the hard court has become slower in recent years, which contributes to the successful results of the clay players.

Ruud defeated Italian Matteo Berrettini in three sets in the quarterfinals, and Karen Khachanov in four sets in the semifinals, but lost in four sets to Carlos Alcaraz. The latter led the world ranking after the tournament. Ruud himself, following the results of the tournament on September 12, for the first time rose to second place in the ranking (in case of a victory over Alcaraz, he would become the first racket in the world).

Casper will start the 2023 season with the Auckland men’s tournament, the start of which is scheduled for January 9. You can already look for the odds in this competition.

Analysis of Casper Ruud as an athlete

Nothing will give you such a comprehensive picture of the coming contest as the world of numbers. First of all, you should pay attention to the percentage of winning the first and second innings, as well as games on your serve.

If you are going to bet on a weaker tennis player, then it is these indicators that will determine his ability to hold out against the favorite for as long as possible.

Casper Ruud’s strengths are stability, forehand, and serve. Recently the athlete has significantly improved most of his athletic aggression and emotional stability, which made him a difficult player for any opponent. In addition, Casper improved his backhand and became a more physically fit player.

He has a cool character and is stable and unmistakable.

How to bet on Casper Ruud?

Tennis is the second most popular sport in bookmakers after football. Live gambling on this discipline is very popular, as a match is much more dynamic than football, and the change of events here happens much more often.

Players who do not want to wait for a goal to be scored in football prefer to bet on the winners of games and sets right during the match. That is why the volume of stakes on tennis on some days outweighs the volume of bets on football.

The main advantages of gambling on this discipline matches include the following:

The capper can monitor the form of a specific player or several players during the season, determining in which physical and psychological conditions he is, and what the better is repulsed by. It is not uncommon for favorites to drain the first round of the tournament, lacking motivation after an exhausting victory or series of major championships.

Sensations in this discipline are not uncommon, as well as comebacks, especially if the first set is recorded in the assets of an outsider. Unlike team sports, individual skill largely decides the outcome of the confrontation.

The season only takes a break for a couple of weeks in December, after which it resumes – the rating is based on 52 weeks (calendar year), so the capper always has an opportunity to gamble.

So, beginners in the world of betting on this discipline need to learn strategies, follow games, and familiarize themselves with statistics to win in any case.

Where to bet on the athlete?

All the top bookmakers offer stakes on tennis events. The difference is the number of results in the line and the margin. The more results the bookmaker offers, the more opportunities a professional capper has to choose an appropriate strategy.

In addition, bettors should choose bookmakers with the lowest margin in order to be in the black.

The best bookmakers for gambling on tennis and particular top players are Parimatch, Excitewin, Betfair, Rabona, and Casumo.


Is tennis betting profitable?

As you can see, tennis betting is a whole science that has its own formulas, constants, variables, and unknowns.

We strongly recommend that you watch the matches more often because without a picture it will be very difficult for you to assess the current form of the players. And without analyzing the current form, in turn, it will be very difficult to make correct predictions.

Love tennis, bet on it, and may luck always be with you!