Tennis is one of the most well-liked sports nowadays among those who enjoy it. It is an amazing sport that can bring people of all ages and occupations together, turning them into true experts and friends.

People do this sport themselves, watch online or come to tournaments in real life betting who will win and wondering how to win it using different tennis strategies and approaches.

Making such predictions sometimes is challenging yet very interesting to do. Especially while watching some of the most popular world championships. However, if you ask us whether a betting effort is worth its outcome – we’ll undoubtedly say yes. And here’s why.

Why is tennis such a popular game?

People have been playing tennis for centuries already. If you ask a kid to name a few sport kinds – we’re sure, it will be among them. But have you ever wondered why people are talking about it so much?
Today, it has straightforward rules and lets you learn something at every game level.

There are no players that act the same. They all have different game strategies. That’s why each game is special – a player is completely alone on the court, he has to catch the momentum to win. That’s why we can often observe interesting score twists, unique tactics and techniques. Watching it online keeps your mind active wondering how to win this particular round, and making you an expert.

That’s why more and more people all around the world go in for tennis today. They challenge themselves both on home courts and on huge tournaments. There will be a lot of them in 2023. They provide participants a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate their abilities, demonstrate that they know how to win, and obtain large rewards.

Spectators, in turn, can enjoy watching their favorite game and add to their profits by betting on the matches outcomes and players victories.

The most popular tennis championships

The history of tennis competitions dates back hundreds of years. Today there are dozens of tournaments, from state to world-class ones, which are watched by an increasing number of people.
Here are the most popular and spectacular championships we’d recommend you watching in 2023.

They are the best in the world, so lots of fans watch them. These tournaments, which will be contested in 2023, are just what you need if you’re thinking about placing a wager on this game. You can choose a few and learn a lot about their participants.


The oldest and most renowned Grand Slam event is Wimbledon, which is also one of the most actively bet upon. It takes place every year at Wimbledon in late June or early July. It lasts for 2 weeks. It is the only one of the four Grand Slams which is played on grass courts.



It has 5 categories:

  • men’s singles;
  • women’s singles;
  • men’s doubles;
  • women’s doubles;
  • mixed doubles!

Dubai Tennis Championship

An expert competition called the Dubai Championship is conducted every year in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Participants play outdoors using hard courts for that. It happens at the end of February. Both men and women can participate in it.



US Open

The US Open is one more of four Grand Slam events of the season. Every year, it happens in August or September.

Those are the categories you can enjoy watching during the event:

  • men’s and women’s singles;
  • men’s and women’s doubles;
  • mixed doubles;
  • youth competition;
  • tournament of veterans!

Australian Open

One of the four Grand Slam events is also held there. It is hosted by the city of Melbourne in Australia every January to kick off the Grand Slam season. As well as the US Championship, it is played in men’s and women’s singles and doubles, combined doubles, and also has youth and veterans tournaments.



French Open

French Open is a tournament which lasts for two weeks and begins at the end of May each year. It is the second of four Grand Slams in a year. Paris, France, is the setting.

One can’t find other Grand Slam competitions except this one which is played on clay. This championship is considered as the physically challenging competition in this sport worldwide.


BNP Paribas Open

The BNP Paribas is an annual super event for men and women that takes place in March in Indian Wells, Florida, in the United States. In terms of prestige, it is only second following the Slams.



ATP Finals

ATP Finals is the annual men’s competition that concludes the professional season. It is attended by single players and couples who have shown the best results in the current year. It ranks as the fifth-most significant individual tournament in men’s tennis, after the Grand Slams. In 2021-2025, the tournament is held in Turin, Italy.


Laver Cup

Laver Cup is a team exhibition tournament, held annually in different cities around the world. They must not host any other tournaments, so that their inhabitants’ interest in tennis is likely to increase. It is held on hard courts in roofed arenas. The Laver Cup has two teams, one called Europe with players from Europe and the other called World with players from around the world.


Chennai Open

It’s the annual vocational event for men which is known as Chennai Open. In the Indian city of Chennai, it is played on outdoor courts on hard surfaces. The ATP World Tour is a component of this competition.



IPTL (International Premier Tennis League)

Each year, various nations on the Asian continent host the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) Competition between the end of November and the middle of December. This is an international team competition.

Today, teams consist of 7-10 players, including both active players from the current world elite, and the ones who have already completed their professional careers and are considered legends.


Wrapping Up

Among the sports variety, tennis is surely a great one to follow. It is spectacular and special. Today, many people decide to opt for this game and dedicate time to watch it. With a big tournament number around the globe, it also gets very exciting for betting.

Doing so, you may not only enjoy the game of your favorite players but also add up to your income predicting their victories. It is easy to do even if you are not an expert.