The industry of gambling is a huge sphere which means investing money in something with the expectation of winning. Rates fall under this category because the player chooses the category he likes, puts money into it and, depending on the outcome of the competition, receives the result.

The main advantage of online betting is that they are not part of gambling. This area is a completely legal activity and is allowed in most countries of the world. According to publicly available information, the betting market in general is worth $104 billion. This figure is constantly increasing because the number of customers is growing every year.

Why tennis bets are so profitable?

Tennis is a sport where 2 people or 2 teams compete. The modern form of activity, as it is still played today, became popular in Britain in the late 19th century. Today, tennis is played by all outdoor enthusiasts of all socioeconomic classes.

The only equipment required to play with a partner is a racket and a ball. The main task of the players is with the help of rackets to hit and hammer a ball into the opponent’s court.

There are many professional tennis players. All of them have a certain classification and history of participation in competitions. The better the tournament, the more rating points the participant will receive. The most iconic is ATP tours for men and WTA tours for women.

The most prestigious Grand Slam championships are held in Australia, the USA, Great Britain and France. They are followed by 9 mandatory Masters competitions in the United States (3), Canada, Monaco, Italy, Spain, France, and China.

Although each bookmaker will offer to bet on the above-mentioned competitions, the winnings will not be very large. Requested matches have a high predictability score. Tennis tours with athletes below the ratings provide the user with the opportunity to win more money. An example of such events is participation in Challenger and ITF competitions.

For national teams, the most important competitions are the Davis Cup for men and the Fed Cup for women.

The profitability of betting on this sport is directly related to the features of this game. Bettors often make predictions taking into account all the nuances of such rates.

The ability to track the form of players. It is worth watching just a couple of matches of a certain player, and you can already draw conclusions about his current form, technique and professionalism.

The analytics of matches is somewhat simpler than in many team sports. It is very important in this regard not to miss the moment when the form passes from the peak stage to the peak stage. Typically, each stage of this endless cycle of form for sportsmen lasts three to four weeks.

A large number of comebacks during the match. The greatest number of phenomenal comebacks can be observed in women’s tennis.

Competition frequency. You can always bet on tennis: the season has only one break at the very end of the calendar year, and even then 3-4 middle-level tournaments fit in these 14 days.

Weather factor. This is the thing that can significantly spoil the result of a tennis player’s game. The vast majority of matches take place on open courts.

It is also important to understand that players, depending on their countries of origin, have features in the game. South American players thrive on clay as these sportsmen are more viscous and don’t try to finish the rally quickly, but rather try to pull their opponent into a long rally in order to force the opponent to make a mistake.

Players in the United States of America are famous because of their powerful serve, and then the exit to the net, as the tennis training school is set up for this, unlike the same in Brazil. The Americans are trying to finish everything very quickly, do not involve their opponents in draws and hit risks.

Tennis players in the UK prefer grass. The British have an inherent defensive style of play, as they try to both attacks and catch the opponent on mistakes, citing their strong first serve.

A single sport makes the game focus on a particular state of the player. Factors that should be taken into account are the physical and moral condition of the sportsmen, the mood to win, and the inability to go to the bench. A simple bruise or injury can eliminate a sportsman from competition or even an entire tournament.

The dynamics of the game keep the spectators in anticipation of the entire match. Athletes will definitely demonstrate a great game and apply their skills.

In this sport, refereeing inaccuracies and fraud are minimized, because the referee controls, in fact, only the overstepping of the line, the ball hitting the court and out. In the event of a dispute, each of the opponents can always request a video replay. But even if we compare one “narrowed” pitch and one goal in football, these are completely different things.

Availability of the betting market

After the advent of the Internet, the betting industry has moved to a new level. Bookmakers have started building online brands. It was very expensive because the platform needs software and hardware to function. Bookmakers with little capital buy software from specialized white-label solution providers. Well-known bookmakers create everything from scratch.

The existence of the industry is complicated by the fact that not all countries allow online sports rates. Bypass these restrictions by registering a bookmaker offshore. Also, a
characteristic common to all sites is the restriction on use by people who are under 18.

The online betting industry is going through a time of high competition. Now most bookmakers have licenses and even a few. That is, they guarantee users the security of financial and personal data. Obtaining permits in some countries is expensive, so owners obtain licenses from Curacao.

Bookmakers with a license from offshore zones face more favourable tax conditions, therefore they offer players a wide range of bonuses and optimal odds. Platforms try to stand out with bonus offers with a diverse interface and the involvement of a huge number of sports. Many sites involve competitions in local sports.

An indicator of the quality of rates is the presence of basic rates. Popular are:

  1. singles — the simplest single bet, which consists of one event. The coefficient for the selected outcome is also the same, so it will not be difficult for the bettors to independently calculate the potential winnings. It is enough to choose one of the outcomes, and it will be immediately recorded in the coupon. It remains only to specify the amount and confirm the rates. Classic examples of such rates are the victory of the first team or the athlete.
  2. express rates are a very popular rate type in tennis. They are several single rates that are combined into one coupon. It is important to know one nuance: all the odds concerning the selected events are multiplied among themselves, and in order to find out the potential profit, you need to multiply all the odds concerning the selected events and multiply by the amount bet.
  3. system — a bet that simultaneously includes several accumulator rates, which, accordingly, have several outcomes. If the “2 out of 4” system is selected, then the bettor needs to select 4 parlays with 2 events in each. The payout according to the system, first needs to calculate the coefficients in each accumulator separately and then sum it up.

Top betting companies among tennis fans

To win at the bookmaker’s office on rates it is worth having an effective methodology that includes analysis and an action strategy. When making a profitable rate, it is necessary to take into account as many factors as possible. And the key is choosing the right resource.

Do not forget that depending on the options, rates and matches can be matched. Each bookmaker has its own system of bonuses and offers. Also, the odds of winning can vary. Among a bunch of companies, you should choose the most reliable ones.

The best choice would be:



Highly rated platform that provides timely payouts, honesty in the calculation of competition results, and safe storage of personal data.



Bookmaker with a variety of services. The site supports many payment methods. Known as a user-friendly and intuitive interface.



The platform with the title of the largest rate exchange in the world. Licensed by UKGC and MGA, and has received local licenses in Australia, Sweden, Italy and Spain. Available in over 50 countries. The advantage is the ability to place bets on the stock exchange.



The bookmaker provides customers with great bonuses and free bets. The site design is clear, there is a section with explanations and tips. Additional customer assistance is provided by a 24/7 helpdesk.



The twice licensed site is a safe and reliable choice among players. It stands out among competitors with a huge selection of sporting events and high profitability of bets.


Websites as a betting platform

The most common form of the online betting platform is websites. The company strives to make the site as popular as possible among users due to diversity. Customers are offered a great availability of almost all professional sports.

The most popular are football and tennis. Sites, in addition to simple bets, often offer live broadcasts, more informative articles, tips and predictions about tournaments. Some bookmakers offer players to win money by predicting the outcome of political elections and Oscar-style award ceremonies.

Sites are quite convenient to use because they can be used on different devices without reducing the amount of device memory. The user can apply the special site form for mobile phones. The interface will change a bit and adapt to the gadget.

Apps as an alternative

In the era of the prevalence of mobile phones, companies decided to improve by releasing personal applications. They allow you to bet and check the results in any
convenient location for internet access. This year, the number of bets placed by phone exceeds 40% of the total. Users can download applications both from Android and IOS.

The process of choosing a good bookmaker

It is not very difficult to choose a worthy bookmaker these days. There are many reviews, and sites where customers leave reviews. The main features to pay attention include:

  • reliability. Sites to obtain a license are tested for security. Their system must comply with standards and have data encryption. The review also includes reviewing the history of the company and the presence of complaints from customers;
  • honesty. Considered a subcategory of reliability, but it provides for the timely payment and accuracy of the amount received as the winning bet;
  • rate variability. Accordingly, how many matches are provided to the client, the categories of bets on them, and most important how profitable are the odds;
  • the convenience of operations with funds. What are the methods of depositing and withdrawing money? How long do transactions take and is there a limit;
  • customer service focus. There are options users may use to communicate with the support team. Feedback can be in the form of an online hour, email correspondence, messengers, or phone calls. It is important to pay attention to the speed of assistance and how it was clear and effective!

Main betting rule

The first bookmaker that comes across should not be chosen for betting. There may be a reliable site but that does not negate the likelihood of a platform where a person will lose all their money.

Having knowledge about a particular site, the player will reduce stress and problems because he will be able to make a profitable bet, protect himself and be sure of the payout.