Experience of conducting the IPTL which is taken into account in 2023

The International Premier Tennis League is a competition among athletes held in different countries of Asia. The beginning of the existence of the league is counted from 2013, but the first tennis tournament was only in 2014.

Mahesh Bhupathi, known as the founder of the event, wanted to create a competition that would unite six charter franchises in Asia. He saw the league’s creation as a similar competition to the IPL. The field was supposed to become a meeting place for famous sportsmen.

Sponsors of the tournament were The Coca-Cola Company and Qatar Airways. In January, it became known about the IPTL venues. Five locations were announced, but the last one was kept secret. Later it became known that two matches will be held in Hong Kong but in different places.

The IPTL debuted as a competition on March 2, 2014. Initially, four teams were represented: Bangkok, Mumbai, Singapore and the Middle East. In general, franchises are known by different names.

Bangkok was moved to Manila and eventually became the Manila Mavericks. After June 2014, the Falcons became the UAE Royals and the Lions became the Singapore Slammers. Mumbai changed to just India and later Indian Aces.

Competition format

Competitions are held in compliance with the rules of tennis and the code of conduct prescribed by the International Tennis Federation.

The tournament consists of different categories and is divided into competitions:

  • men’s singles;
  • women’s singles;
  • men’s doubles;
  • mixt;
  • past Champions Singles!

The coach of the local team determines who plays with whom. When the tournament was held on neutral territory, the right to choose the order of the competition was determined by drawing lots. Regardless of the venue, the game is started by serving the tennis player who won the coin toss.

The team that held the last serve in the match or in the tie-break of the previous set has the right to start the next tournament. Each side can use the power point to multiply the next points scored. This opportunity is given once per set.

The competition goes on continuously until one of the sides scores 4 points. The winner is the group that scored the most points after 5 sets. Each match won by a player or a doubles team adds one point to the team’s score in the event.

The game is considered won if the athletes have six wins in the match. Penalties are held within 5 minutes when the score reaches five games. Those sportsmen who will have more earned points win.

A clear time frame is used during the tournament. There is a countdown between points and during changes, it is a maximum of 20 seconds. Three minutes are given to the players between each set. During the timeout, one minute is given to solve questions with the coach, this opportunity is available only once per match.

During the game, one substitution can be made, except for the final game where it is impossible even in case of injury.

If there are teams with the same points in the finals, an additional evaluation system is introduced, which includes such criteria:

  • expected results;
  • amount of games won;
  • amount of games lost;
  • the biggest match advantage in any single match;
  • tossing a coin!

Unfortunately, due to financial difficulties, the league ceased to exist as a tournament. There are rumours of it being restarted as part of a larger global event. But there have been no official statements yet.

The debut event in the world of tennis

The 2014 season’s competitions took place in the format of opponents entering the court in a round-robin format. The groups with the best result enter the finals. The winner of the final gains the knowledge of the champion. Below are the teams and their results by day.

  Indian Aces Manila Mavericks Singapore Slammers UAE Royals
Nov 28  26–16 24–29 16–26 29–24
Nov 29  24–15 15–24 22–28 28–22
Nov 30  28–20 27–19 19–27 20–28
Dec 2 30–11 29–21 21–29 11–30
Dec 3 23–24 21–26 24–23 26–21
Dec 4 20–25 25–20 27–25 25–27
Dec 6 26–25 25-26 16–29 29–16
Dec 7 26–16 27–24 16–26 24–27
Dec 8 22–29 23–17 17–23 29–22
Dec 11  28–24 25–26 24–28 26–25
Dec 12  28–13 23–28 23–21 21–23
Dec 13 15–29 30–15 15–30 29–15

The IPTL 2015 as a large-scale competition

The IPTL held in 2015 was larger than the previous year. The following representatives took part: Indian Aces, Philippine Mavericks, Singapore Slammers, UAE Royals, Japan Warriors. The “last set importance” was abolished, so the trailing group could continue to participate in the tournament if they won the fifth set.

In the event of a tie at the end of five sets, the two teams meet in a super shootout in the men’s singles format. This counts as a 19-point super tiebreaker. Athletes who will receive 10 points, 9–9 of the last points, will win the competition. The winner is chosen by the largest number of games, which are here in the format of the sum of points after five sets.

Entering the field of players in Kobe by dates and results of the game:

When Team  Opponent Result
2 December UAE Royals Singapore Slammers 26–20
2 December Japan Warriors Indian Aces 24–25
3 December Philippine Mavericks Singapore Slammers 24–26
3 December Japan Warriors UAE Royals 15–30
4 December Singapore Slammers Indian Aces 22–27
4 December Japan Warriors Philippine Mavericks 24–28
6 December Japan Warriors Singapore Slammers 20–29
6 December UAE Royals Philippine Mavericks 18–29


Entering the field of players in Manila by dates and results of the game:

7 December Indian Aces UAE Royals 30–18
7 December Japan Warriors Philippine Mavericks 21–25
8 December Singapore Slammers UAE Royals 23–26
8 December Indian Aces Philippine Mavericks 24–25


Entering the field of players in New Delhi by dates and results of the game:

10 Dec Japan Warriors UAE Royals 24–21
10 Dec Philippine Mavericks Indian Aces 12–30
11 Dec Singapore Slammers Philippine Mavericks 30–23
11 Dec Japan Warriors Indian Aces 21–26
12 Dec Japan Warriors Singapore Slammers 22–24
12 Dec UAE Royals Indian Aces 19–30


Entering the field of players in Dubai by dates and results of the game:

14 December Indian Aces Japan Warriors 25–18
14 December UAE Royals Philippine Mavericks 24–26
15 December Indian Aces Philippine Mavericks 24–23
15 December Singapore Slammers UAE Royals 27–24
16 December Indian Aces Singapore Slammers 16–27
16 December Japan Warriors UAE Royals 22–26


Entering the field of players in Singapore by dates and results of the game.The last term marks the winner of this season.

18.12 Japan Warriors Philippine Mavericks 29–15
18.12 UAE Royals Singapore Slammers 27–23
19.12 UAE Royals Philippine Mavericks 23–24
19.12 Indian Aces Singapore Slammers 21–27
20.12 Singapore Slammers Indian Aces 26–21


The iconic 2016

The 2016 tournament was held in 3 locations. Saitama Super Arena hosted teams in the first 3 matches. The Singapore Indoor Stadium was the venue for 4-6 tournaments. Gachibowli Indoor Stadium hosted the last and final stages.

When Team  Opponent Result
2.12 UAE Royals Singapore Slammers 29–19
Japan Warriors Indian Aces 17–30
3.12 Singapore Slammers Indian Aces 25–26
Japan Warriors UAE Royals 23–20
4.12 UAE Royals Indian Aces 30-20
Japan Warriors Singapore Slammers 23-27
6.12 Indian Aces UAE Royals 26-19
Singapore Slammers Japan Warriors 29-16
7.12 Indian Aces Japan Warriors 20-27
Singapore Slammers UAE Royals 30-18
8.12 UAE Royals Japan Warriors 20-23
Singapore Slammers Indian Aces 22-23
9.12 UAE Royals Japan Warriors 20-25
Indian Aces Singapore Slammers 24-19
10.12 Singapore Slammers Japan Warriors 30-20
Indian Aces UAE Royals 20-24
11.12 Singapore Slammers Indian Aces 30-14


The presence of legends

The best representatives of tennis were invited to popularize the event. In 2015, such legends as Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka from Singapore Slammers took part. Two-time ATP doubles champion Dustin Brown also participated.

Milos Raonic, Edouard Roger-Vasselin and Philipp Kohlschreiber were involved. Mirjana Lucich-Baroni, a multiple Grand Slam winner, competed on the court. Alya Tomlyanovych was also involved in the competition.

Why is it profitable to bet on IPTL?

Tennis appeared in the world of sports a long time ago. This activity, having passed to the professional level, began to gather many athletes. Competitions at local events increased to world tournaments. The ATP or ITF controls the conduct of tournaments and the enforcement of rules during them.

Therefore, all tennis competitions are more or less similar and differ only in the scoring, venue and participating athletes.

The IPTL is designed to increase the popularity of players. Having played in Asian countries, he attracted tennis players from all over the world. Therefore, in the context of betting, it was as profitable as possible. Popular sportsmen met in the arenas to demonstrate skills and abilities.

The game was followed by many people because broadcasts were available plus there was extensive press coverage. Bookmakers adjusted to such excitement. Versatile bets, high odds and bonus offers were available. The match was as transparent and predictable as possible.

A section of tips for profitable betting on the International Premier Tennis League

The event, which gathered a lot of spectators, serves as an example of holding tournaments. Due to expensive sponsorship companies, the availability of watching the competition in any corner of the world and the presence of the best players, the event was one of the most popular requests among bookmakers.

When there is such hype for an event, you should take advantage of the opportunity. However, it should be done in a reasonable way. Use tips for more profitable online betting on the IPTL.

Understanding the principles of the game. It is worth knowing how the game is played, and how many stages and methods of scoring points. Having extra minutes is especially important.

Knowledge of athletes. Knowing about the ways of the game, the techniques they use and the manoeuvres inherent in them, you can predict the course of the match. For better forecasting, you can view the statistics of previous results and the player’s career growth in general.

Player on the field. This category covers the relationship between competitors. The psychological factor is also important. Someone is better oriented on the court, someone has the ability to maximize their own strength in extreme situations. Plus, some matches can have a personal benefit as a victory over an old rival. Such events are more epic.

Environment factor. The weather can change, so rain or the strong sun is considered a significant obstacle. The meeting place on a hard court or clay also affects the results. Because players are usually successful on one of the presented sites.

It is worth placing bets on proven bookmakers. Hype creates demand for scammers. In order not to meet with thieves, choose sites with licenses. You can read reviews and feedback beforehand.
After choosing a betting platform, think about your strategy.

Either bet on familiar types of bets or choose with a higher coefficient. Everything is very individual, so do it wisely. Among betting options, it is worth paying attention to such a category as the winner of a specific set.

The type of bet on determining the outsider of the match also falls here. Another profitable category associated with The IPTL is betting on specific points. Although this is a more difficult option, it is not so easy to guess the earned points. You can take a simplified way and just indicate whether the result will be more or less than the number suggested by the bookmaker.


The International Premier Tennis League in brief

Creating a meeting place for professionals, it successfully fulfilled its mission for three years. Glorifying tennis among other sports and gathering a mass of fans. Covering Asian broadcast venues, events were held by the world’s largest companies.

Audience participation exceeded expectations many times over. The IPTL is a good example of the combination of the interest of local representatives of countries and good players.